The 'Import Time-Clock' feature makes it easier for our valued clients to upload the recorded time punches of the employees in the bulk form.

Supported File Types: csv, xls and xlsx

How to import the Time-sheets?

Please click the Workplace module, and then Click the 'Drop Down Menu' as shown in the screenshot below and click 'Import'.

screenshot 1568

Next, under the 'Import' section please click 'Import Type',  and click 'Import Time Clocks'.

screenshot 1569 

Once under the 'Import Time-clocks' section; you will have Two options.

1. Enter the Time-sheet details manually, one by one and click import (As shown in the screenshot below)

screenshot 1569

2. Create a spreadsheet according to the 'Accepted format' as shown in the screenshot below and drop the Spreadsheet into the 'Drag and Drop area'.

Download the import Template from here.

Acceptable format:

screenshot 1569

screenshot 1569

Match Columns:

After uploading the file, the system will ask you to match the unmatched columns in the Next Step, and click Done Matching.

Note:Custom fields will be deleted if left unmatched. 

 User cases: 

Incase, the Employee listed in the import sheet is not already added in the Humanity account before importing the timesheet for that employee:

The system will add that employee first and assign the mentioned position to that employee and then import the time-sheet.

Incase both the employee and the position listed in the import sheet are not already added into the account before importing the timesheet:

The system will create the employee and the position and then the position will be assigned to the employee and the time sheet will be upload for that employee.

screenshot 1569


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