Time Clock:
The managers can use this module for 'clocking in/out' themselves by clicking the 'clock-in' button at the top right side of the screen.

From the Time Clock module the Manager's can also 'Approve/Edit/Reject/Delete' the clocked hours of all the employees. Each Employee's timesheet details will be visible along with the 'Attendance Score'.

Place your mouse over the Attendance Score cell to view the Approve, Reject, Edit and Delete icons. 

Time Clock Filters:

You can apply the filters from the top, for the following:

1. Date Range.

2. Employees.

3. Locations.

4. Positions and Status.

 Add Clock Time:
The clock in button has a down arrow icon and by clicking on it, you will be given the option to add a clock time manually.

You can add a full time sheet (Full Clock Time) or you can manually add a 'Clock In' time only. 

Note: The option to "Add Clock Time manually" must be enabled from Settings-> Time Clock.

Configure Time Clock:

To configure the 'Time clock' as per your needs, click 'Settings' from the left bottom of the page, and select 'Time clock'.

screenshot 70

screenshot 71



You can also define the authorized clock 'Locations' from the settings page to prevent off location clocking. A specific computer or a static IP can be set as authorized locations. And then you can setup the authorized locations from the 'Time clock' tab.

You can also define the auto approve rules to save time as we understand that not all staff member's timeheets require approval. 

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