The 'Import Shifts' feature makes it easier for our valued clients to upload the schedule data in the bulk form.

Supported File Types: csv, xls and xlsx

How to import the schedule data?

Please click the Workplace module, and then Click the 'Drop Down Menu' as shown in the screenshot below and click 'Import'.

Next, under the 'Import' section please click 'Import Type',  and click 'Import shifts'.

Once under the 'Import Shifts' section; you will have Two options.

1. Enter the shift details manually one by one and click import (As shown in the screenshot below)

2. Create a spreadsheet according to the 'Accepted format' as shown in the screenshot and drop the Spreadsheet into the 'Drag and Drop area'.


Acceptable Format:

Download the 'Acceptable format' in MS-Excel file, and edit the shift details according to your needs and upload it back to Humanity schedule import section.

Note: All non existing Positions (Mentioned in the import file, which are not already created/assigned to any employee) will be created while importing, and Employees on the shift will automatically be assigned to those Positions.

Example : If there is a new employee and a new position in the Schedule upload file, which does not previously exist in the account. Uploading the Schedule file will do the following automatically:

1. Create the employee.

2. Create the position.

3. Assign the position to the employee.

4. Create the schedule.

Once the Sheet has been uploaded, the application will automatically take you to the next section; where you will be asked to Match the Unmatched  columns (If any). Match the columns and Click 'Done Matching' from the right bottom of the page.

 Matching process illustrated in the animated picture below.

Note: You won't need to Match the unmatched columns, if everything entered in the spreadsheet complies with the acceptable formats.

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