The 'Schedule Print' feature, allows you to get a customized hard Copy of your  company schedule. The print can be taken by clicking the Print button which you can find by pressing the 'Down Arrow' button, located adjacent to the Publish button at the top right side of your screen.

Clicking the Print button will open the Print window, where you can select the following: (See the animated picture at the bottom)

1. Page Layout - (Portrait or Landscape)

2. Font Size - (Extra Small/Small/Medium/Large/Extra large)

3. Show header.

Place a Check mark, if you want to show the Header at the top of the printed schedule; which includes! your Company Name, Company logo and the 'Physical address' of your company .

4. Title - Put any extra Instructions for the printed schedule, which may appear next to the company Logo.

5. Show rows with no shifts - (Display/Hide Unassigned shifts)

6. Show Open Shifts - (Display/Hide the Open Shifts)

7. Notes - (Put any notes that will appear at the bottom of the printed schedule)

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