A leave request approver is an individual, who can be set as a sole approver for the leave requests made by a Single or Set of employees.

Note: Setting up the leave approver for an employee will stop sending the email reminders to the Existing managers and supervisors regarding an employee requesting for the leave. Only the selected leave approver will get the emails notifying him of the leave being requested.

If 'NO' leave request approver is set: The leave requests /E-mails will go to all Managers and supervisors for approval, and they will be able to approve/reject/Delete the leave requests. 

However, if you set a 'Leave request approver' for an employee, the leave requests will only be emailed to the selected Approver and no one else in the company.

If a leave request approver is set for an employee, the managers and Supervisors will be able to edit and delete the leave requests of those employees by going to Leave tab but wont be able to Accept/Reject their leaves.

Whereas! the leave request approver can approve/reject the leave request, but can not Delete the leave requests.


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