You can set the availability from the following areas:

1. From Schedule: (By clicking the name in the schedule)

2. From Workplace: (By clicking the profile, and click the Pencil icon to edit/add the availability).

Click 'Schedule' then Click the name appearing in the schedule, and then Click the Pencil icon to edit/set the availability. 

Next, you need to press the 'Unavailable' button if you are setting the unavailable times, or press the 'Preferred' button if you want to highlight the preferred work-times.

To set the Unavailable/Available times: Please click the time block and hold your left mouse button, then drag your mouse toward left/right side to highlight the Available/Unavailable times.

Or select 'All' from the right corner of the window to set the availability for the full day. You will be asked to chose between the two options 'Just this Day OR Repeat Weekly'.

Just this day: To set the availability for one time only.

Repeat Weekly: If you want this 'Availability preference' to be automatically copied to the coming weeks for the same day and time.

The 'Unavailable' times will appear in Red color and the 'Preferred available' times will appear in the Green color.


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