Click the 'Repeat shift' you want to edit. And click 'Advanced Options'.

Make the necessary changes in the shift and select any of the following options from the right bottom of the window.

  • 1. Update this shift and following (The current shift which you are editing will be updated as well as all shifts after the current shift)
  • 2. Update all shifts in the series (All the shifts from the past and future will be updated.)
  • 3. Update this shift only (Only the current shift which is being edited will be updated)

Note: Updating a single shift from the series of repeat shifts will permanently isolate that shift from the series, and that shift will no longer be the part of that recurring shift. Any changes made in the series later will not effect the shift which was isolated from the series while updating it.

Delete the recurring/repeat shift:

Click the shift you want to edit and click 'Advanced options'. Look at the right top of the screen where you will be given the options to delete the shift.

Chose from the following to deleted the shift:

  • 1. Click the 'Bin icon' to delete the current shift only.
  • 2. Click 'Delete this and all following shifts'. (To delete the current shift and all the shifts of future)
  • 3. Click 'Delete all shifts in the series'. (TO delete the complete series of recurring shifts).

Two cases to Note:

Case 1 : If the shift was set to repeat until a certain date, you can not see the start date of a recurring shift. However you can see the End date of the recurring shift from Advanced shift editor by clicking 'Advanced options' and scroll to the bottom.

Case 2:

If the Repeat shift was set to repeat for a number of Occurrences. You wont be able to know the dates of the First and Last shift, all you will see is the number of times the shift is being recurred.


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