The (Humanity app for mobile devices) makes it easier for the employees to stay current with their schedule as it gets published while they are on the Go.

For iOS devices version 2.5.8

For Android Devices version 2.1.3

The application further extends the ability of an employee to do the following:

1. The Dashboard module is designed to give you the complete activity overview of your account over a single screen.

2. See other employees list and their contact details using the Workplace module.

3. From the Schedule section, the employee can see their work schedule, Swap the shifts, and signup for the open shifts.

4. Do the Time punching using the 'Time clock' module.

5. Apply for Vacations using the 'Leave' module.

6. Get Engaged in the conversation with the coworkers using the 'Sessions' module.

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Dashboard Module: Is the front page of the app; which gives you a complete overview about the activities/Alerts related to you. You will be be able to see the following in the dashboard module:

1. Newly assigned shifts

2. Shift trades being offered to you.

3. Alerts for the shifts you did not clock for until now.

Note: We will keep on adding new alerts on the dashboard with the time.

Workplace module:

1. Employees get a virtual introduction of other Employees in a company using the 'Workplace' module.

Tap 'Location Details' to see the Location's physical map, and all the positions under that location including other employees working on the same location.

Tapping the name of the Employee, allows you to see if he is working on a shift. Furthermore; you can start a conversation with other employees by clicking the 'Start a Session' link.

Schedule module:

Enables the employees to do the following:

  • See their schedules.
  • Swap the shifts.
  • Signup for the open shifts.
  • Set up the Availability.

The employees will also get the Push notifications for their Schedule updates.

Accepting Shift Trade:

The Schedule module makes it easier for you to 'Trade' the shift with other coworkers and 'Accept' the shift trade request by tapping the 'Accept' button.

Shift Trade:

To trade a Shift, an employee needs to tap on his shift and then again tap the 'Trade Shift' button from the bottom of the page.

Then Select the employee from the populated list of potential shift trade acceptors (As shown in the screenshot below) and tap on 'Trade shift'.

Setting up the availability:

Click the (-) icon from the top right side and select the Unavailable/preferred availability.screenshot 200 

Time Clock module:

3. Allows the Employees to Clock-in/out and take break using the 'Time clock' module. And to see the previously recorded time sheets from the bottom of the page.

 The 'Time Clock' module let know if you are late for a shift.


 The 'Time Clock' module will intimate you if you are running into overtime.


If you do not have a shift for a current day and you navigate to the time clock module. It will inform you of your coming 'Shift Time' and 'Day'.


Leave Module:

4. Enables the employees to apply for the vacations using the 'Leave' module and see their leave approval status.


Sessions module:

This is your communication tool to engage in a conversation with other employee/s in the company.

Tap one or more than one employee to start a conversation with them. After selecting the employees, tap 'Start Session' link from the bottom of the page to begin the chat conversation with the selected employee/s.

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