Of course, you and your employees can see your Humanity schedules at any time on your browser of choice or using our mobile app.

But if you want to export and sync it with your Google Calendar, you can do that now as well.

Head over to the Calendar module and click on the arrow next to the Availability button. Here you will be presented with the option of syncing your calendar.

You can either use the URL for adding your Humanity calendar to your Google Calendar or simply download the iCal file and then import it to your Google account.


How to Sync with Google Calendar:

Please copy the 'synchronization link' from the calendar module, by clicking the down arrow button appearing next to the 'Add availability' button and click 'Sync Calendar'.

And then, open Google Calendar (You might need your G-mail credentials to sign-in with)

Scroll down and click the down arrow button appearing next to the 'Other calendars' option. And click 'Add by URL'.

Add the URL into the empty field which you copied from the 'Calendar' module of Humanity. And press 'Add Calendar'.

Please note: The complete calendar synchronization of shifts (On Google) can take up-to 12 hours.

How to Synchronize with Android devices:

Please sign in to the Google calendar (Using the credentials of the default/backup email address of your android device). And repeat the synchronization process as explained above. The android devices will automatically pull the data into your phone. Given that, the email address of your phone and the email address used to sign in to Google Calendar is the same.

How to Synchronize on iPhone/iOS devices:

If you are signed in on an iOS device, and want to synchronize the Shifts to your iOS calendar. In this scenario, the iOS calendar will be automatically synchronized as soon as you login to your mobile, using the Humanity app. 

If you are using the web-version of the app and want to synchronize the iOS calendar then you need to email the link which you copied from the 'Calendar' module to yourself. Then access and tap the link by opening up the email on you iOS device.

Tapping the link will ask your permission to subscribe to that particular link. Affirmative response will ensure the successful Humanity-iOS synchronization. 

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