The 'leave accrual' feature provides the flexibility to automate the leaves allocation, so that one may never need to fret over manually calculating the number of leaves for every individual in a company.

What the leave accrual feature does in practical?

This feature automatically credits the employee with the leave days, based upon the number of days he spent in a company.

Note: We do not support leave accruals based on the number of hours, instead we support the leave accruals based on the number of days an employee spent in a company.

How to setup the leave accrual system?

To set up the accrual based leave type, please click the Leaves section from the left pane. And click the 'Drop Down Menu' to select the 'Leave types'. Click 'Create leave types'.

And fill-in the empty fields, in the light of the given field descriptions below:

Field Description
Leave type name:  Give any name to the new leave type.
Leave type duration is calculated in:  Select if you want the leaves to be accrued in days or hours.
Description:  Type-in any necessary leave description. (Optional field)
Choose leave type locations:  Choose if you want the leave type to be applicable on the employees of a certain location only.
Choose leave type Positions:  Choose if you want the leave type to be applicable on the employees of a certain position only.
Amount of days to rollover if not used in previous period:  Set the number of leaves, which can be carried forward to the next year if not used in the previous year.
Rollover days expire after:  Set the number of days after which, the rolled-over leaves would expire if not yet taken.
Leave amount rules:  Select 'Accrual'
Accrual amount:  Set the value for the number of days an employee can accrue.


Accrue at:

Select when you want to accrue the leaves.

Start = at the beginning of the period.

End = at the end of the period.

Accrue type:

The frequency of accrual periods.

Currently we support: Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly.

Accrue delay: The amount of days to wait for the accrual to happen. For example, an accrual period of "Monthly" and a delay of 5 days, will delay the accrual by 5 days.
Accrual use in advance:

When checked, it allows a users to use the days from the next accrual in advance before you actually get them.

Note: It only takes into account the next month's accrual, not the ones after.


Limit: Set the limit of maximum number of employees who can be booked off per day.
Limit number of employees on this leave type per location or position: Select 'Yes' if you want some of your Locations/Positions to have different number of 'Allowed' employees to book vacation each day. OR select 'NO' if you want the to set the LIMIT for all the Locations/Positions instead.

 Summary of the settings in the screenshot above:

The employee will accrue 1 leave at the start of every month, but the leave will be accrued with the delay of 2 days (because the value '2' is set in the field 'Accrual delay'). Moreover the employee can take 2 leaves every month, because he is allowed to take the leave in advance from the next accrual. (Because the option for 'Accrual use in advance' is checked).

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