Humanity offers four flexible permission levels allowing you to control what your staff can see and do in the application. 

To manage or change a staff member's 'Permission Level', go to the tab 'Workplace' -> hover your mouse cursor over the staff member's profile and click the edit icon: 


You will see the profile edit window on the right side. Under the First and Last name field, you will find the 'Permission Level' Field. 


Each added staff member is given the default permission level of employee. Employees have read-only access to the application but have the opportunity to set their own availability, request vacation days, shift trades, shift drops, and the clock-in and clock-out. Employees also have access to edit their profile's basic details as well as to set notification preferences from the Settings panel.


Staff with the ‘Scheduler’ permission level can manage employees' schedule, besides read only access to other features of the application. Scheduler can create, edit, copy, clear and publish schedules. However, a scheduler will not have access to manage staff time clocks or pull any reports.


A supervisor has read and edit access to all locations and positions' schedules and time clocks. Additionally, supervisors can add staff, assign positions, set staff availability & details, approve employees' requests.

The features that Supervisor will not access to manage are Forecast, Payroll, Account Settings and Event log.


Admin/Managers have all the access to all the tabs/features of the Application, including Managing Schedules, Staff Time Clocks, Staff Requests, and vacations, Payroll, Forecast, Event Log, Account Settings and Account Billing. 

Leave Request Approver 

Employee profiles has 'Leave request Approver' drop down field and lists all employees’ names. Select an employee from the drop down to set as Leave approver for that specific employee. Leave request notifications will also go to the approver instead of all Admin/managers. You can assign an individual to multiple staff profiles.

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