The 'Time sheet attendance report' shows a fair comparison between the Number of shifts an employee was scheduled on for a certain timeline, vs. the number of shifts against which he clocked in.

On top of that this report in particular shows the 'Clock vs. shift' score to statistically list an employee's tardiness level. 

Time Sheet attendance report categorizes and places the data in the following columns:

  • Employee Name.
  • Number of shifts assigned to an employee for a particular timeline.
  • Number of hours the employee was scheduled for, in a given time frame.
  • Number of hours the employee clocked in for a set timeline.
  • Number of shifts the employee was late for.
  • Number of shift the employee was absent for.
  • Clock vs Shift ratio.

The screenshot given above illustrates that the employee 'Steven Frank' was scheduled on '3' shifts from 21st of July - 22nd of July. Whereas he was scheduled for 17 hours in total out of which he clocked in for 13 hours, and appeared to be late for No shift but shown up as absent for 2 shifts thus scored 76.47% under Clock vs. Shift column.

You can use the available filters from the top bar and sort the report by (Date & Employees).

You can also export the report in (CSV/PDF/Excel) format by clicking the 'Arrow button' located adjacent to the Print button.

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