The 'Position summary report' shows the 'Total hours' scheduled on a particular or all positions in a selected time line.

Note: The 'Position summary' report does not deduct the unpaid break times from the total worked hours.

This report categorizes and places the data into the following columns:

  • Positions.
  • Total hours worked by employees on each position.
  • Date.
  • Shift Start/End time.
  • Position.


In the screenshot above you will see that the report is showing 4 shifts scheduled on 'Bartender' position from July 27th to July 29th. Each shift is appearing to be 8 hours in length thus the total scheduled hours count reached to 8 X 4 = 32 hours.

You can use the available filters from the top bar and sort the report by the following: (Date/Employees/Locations and Positions).

You can also Export the report in (CSV/PDF/Excel) format by clicking the 'Arrow button' located adjacent to the Print button.

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