Use the powerful import tool for adding members, locations & positions quickly. Go to the tab 'Workplace' and then click the 'Drop down arrow' showing on the top left. Choose the option 'Import'.

By default, it will take you to the employee import page:

Simply drag your excel sheet (.csv file), or click the option 'browse Your Computer' to upload the file containing your staff details. Besides the three mandatory fields for First name, Last name and Account Email, you can have additional optional fields in your excel sheet to import. Here is a sample file that can be uploaded:

Click 'Add New Column' to see all the additional fields you can import:

After you upload the file, the application will match the fields and will let you review/edit the data before saving in the application. If any of the columns does not match, it will isolate those columns and will keep them under 'Your unmatched columns'. You can manually drag the unmatched entry into the correct field as shown in the screenshot below.

Click 'Done Matching' Check all the rows ready for import and click the option 'Import Employees' on top right of the page. 

At the top left of the import page, you can change the Import Type from Employee to Location or Position. 

You can import locations in bulk and the format is shown below:

Import positions using the below shown format:


All these three import types allow you to manually fill the fields instead of uploading excel sheet - you can add as many rows as you want by clicking the option under Action column 'Add New Row':


Have a question? Click the option 'Have a question' on top right and one of our 24/7 available support member will assist you.


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