Sessions’ is a centralized communication system for your team within the Humanity platform. It allows your team members to initiate communication with fellow co-workers and/or across the groups. Click the chat icon from top right of the page to access Sessions. 


Sessions tab will have few auto-created group chat sessions called ‘Groups’:

1 - Group labeled after your Workplace name: The participants in this group will be your entire team.

2 - Groups labeled after Locations names: If there are any locations created under the tab Workplace- > Locations & Positions, such location is setup as an independent group. Participants of such group includes all members working under any position(s) of that location.

3 - Groups labeled after Positions names: Individual position set up under the tab Workplace- > Locations & Positions are also auto-created as a Group. Participants of this group will only include members assigned to such positions

Create Sessions:

Besides the auto-created groups, any member from your team can set up custom 'Sessions' for specific members of the team. e.g. you can set up a Custom 'section' for ‘Management’ and include only members who are part of the management team.

Click the '+' sign  to  create  New session from the top right.  



This is where you can initiate a private chat with any member of your team. Click any of the member's name to start a chat.

Edit / Delete Message:

Hover your cursor over the message and icons for editing and deleting the message will appear on the right.


Click on the smiley face located on the left side of the text field to choose and send an emoticon.




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