Repeating or otherwise known as recurring shifts are shifts that occur at the same time following a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, every weekday or monthly frequency. You can set up an existing shift or a new shift to repeat by setting up the required repeat frequency. To do so, create a shift, or click on an existing shift that you want to set to repeat, and click the repeat icon to set the repeat shift parameters.

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You can also repeat the shift by clicking the shift and and go to ‘Advanced Options’.  

This will open the advanced ‘Shift Edit Window’ having ‘Repeat’ option at the bottom.

Note: If you are in position view, clicking shift will by default open the advanced edit page.

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Click the option ‘Do Not Repeat’ in order to select the repeat frequency:

Daily: Daily is set when you want a shift to repeat after certain number of days. e.g. a shift that should repeat after every 3 days.

Every Workday: This frequency will repeat shifts on the workdays i.e. Monday-Friday. However, you may choose whether this frequency should repeat every 1, 2, 3 or 4,... weeks. Let’s say I want 8am-4pm shift on every workday but every other week.

Weekly: This would allow you to repeat a single shift on certain days of a week with repeat frequency of every 1 week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks...30 weeks.

Monthly: This will allow repeating a shift on a monthly frequency. You may choose to repeat a shift every 1 or 2 months on a specific date or specific day of a month.

Frequency end date/ time: Each of the above discussed frequencies can be set to end on a specific date or after specific number of occurrences. This will complete a shift’s repeat cycle. For example, I can set daily repeat cycle ending on 31 Dec, 2015.

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