'Open Shifts’ is a self-scheduling tool, where managers create the shifts and allow the staff members to signup for those shift. To set up an Open Shift, create a shift by clicking the cell showing in front of ‘Open Shifts’ under the ‘Schedule’ tab.


Clicking the cell will open the 'Shift Edit' window at the right side of the page where you can add details like; Title, Start Date and Time, End Date and Time, Notes and ‘Positions And Slots’. Under the field ‘Number Of Available Slots’, set how many members are needed to cover this shift.

After you create and publish the shift, all the members who are eligible to work on such shift will be notified via email/text.

The Employees can request for the 'Open shifts' by clicking the 'Schedule section' and then click the shift which they want to sign up for, then click 'Request Shift'.

After an employee submits the request, manager can go to the ‘Manage Open Shifts’ page by clicking the 'Drop Down Menu' showing at the top left side of the ‘Schedule’ page.

Place your mouse cursor under the Status field to approve or reject requests.


When creating an ‘Open Shift’, you can also check the option ‘Auto Approve All Requests’ showing within the shift edit window page. By enabling this option, any requests submitted for that shift will be auto approved. With auto approve option enabled, members submitting requests first will be approved first. Once the available slots are filled, employees will not be able to see ‘Open Shifts’ option.

Assigning OPEN shifts to the employees using the Drag and Drop feature:

You can assign the "Open shift" to your employees by dragging the shift into the Employee's column.


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