There are multiple Schedule Filters available to re-shape the Schedule section according to your needs.

First, you can change the view to show you the schedule according to employees or positions.


You can also filter the Schedule by the following:

1. Employees

2. Location and Positions

3. Shifts types (Unpublished/Published/With conflicts/Without Conflicts) 

Click on “Employees” under Display as to change your view to Positions. Click on "Positions" to change it back to Employees and click on the chart icon to switch to the 'Forecast view' (Only managers/Schedulers/Supervisors, can see the forecast view)

Secondly, you can filter according to Locations & Positions. Simply click on the Showing All menu to view all of your options and then select the locations or positions you want to be displayed.

The third option is to filter according to employees. Click on the Showing All menu under Employees and select or deselect your staff members to filter your options.

The fourth filter option is the Search option. (Available in forecast view for Schedulers/Managers/Supervisors only).

Here you can type in a keyword and perform a search to find the position, location, or employee you want to appear on the scheduler.

The fifth one is by using the 'Availability and leave filter', by using this option you can enable the schedule tab to show the employees leave days and unavailable timings to avoid incorrect schedule making.


All these options provide you a faster and easier way of narrowing down the fields you are looking at when putting together your team's schedules.

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