On the top right side of the the Timeclock Dashboard you will see the 'Clock In' option to start your work time. 

After pressing the 'Clock-in button', the button will change to a 'Clock Out' button. 

Add Clock Time:

The clock in button will now have a down arrow icon and by clicking on it will give you the option to add a clock time manually. It will only appear if the management has turned this feature on.  

You can add a full time sheet or you can manually add a 'Clock In' time only. 

Note: You will not see the option to 'Add Clock Time' if you manager has not allowed you to perform this action.

Edit Clock Time
If your management allows you to perform this action, you will be able to edit your time sheets by clicking on the pencil icon shown under the Status cell.

Make the desired changes from the edit window and save it by clicking 'Save' from the right bottom of the screen.

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