Configuring the correct 'Schedule Settings' is important to create conflict free schedules. To do so, go to the Settings tab located at the bottom left sidebar - > Schedule in order to define the specific guidelines for scheduling. 

Settings are categorized as:

Shift Settings:

Set the rules for your staff member's shifts to follow these rules:

  • Minimum time between shifts.

  • Maximum days in a row.

If any of the above rule is breached the conflict will be shown on the schedule.

  • Employee can view all schedules:

If toggled "Yes", the employees can see the schedule of all other employees. If toggled "No", the employees can see the schedule of only themselves.

If toggled "Yes", the Manager will be able to Publish the shift to notify the employees by pressing the publish button from the top right side of the screen. If toggled "No", the manager would not see the option to publish the schedule.

Note: When Schedule Publish Is Turned Off, the employees will not be notified when they have been assigned to a new shift, but will be receiving all other relevant notifications (Shift reminder, Reminder to Clock In...)

Break Paid By Default: Toggle 'Yes', if you want the break to be counted towards the paid time by default, or toggle 'No' if you want the break time to be counted towards the unpaid time by default.

Note: You can change the Paid/Unpaid break status for an individual shift by clicking the shift and then click 'Advanced Options'




Shift Trade:

  1. Allow Trades: Check this option to enable the Shift Trade feature.

  2. Allow Drops: Check this option to enable the Shift Drop feature.
  3. Allow trade to create conflicts: Allow the application to smartly allow trades among staff members. If this option is checked the application will check for the possible conflicts before it allows a shift trade.

  4. Approve exchange: This option will put managers in control to approve requests from potential acceptors to take a shift available for trade.

  5. Approve request: This option will put managers in control of approving employee's request to initiate a trade.

Overtime Settings:

Set the overtime rules for the proper allocation of worked hours:

  1. Daily

  2. Weekly

  3. Monthly

If any staff member is scheduled exceeding the daily, weekly or monthly overtime quota, a conflict will show up on the schedule tab.

Custom Shift View

Customize the shift view to choose what should be displayed when viewing shifts. Default data shown will be Shift Title, Employee/Position, and Start/End time. Simply drag and drop the data into the Displayed Shift Data column from Available Shift Data column or vice versa. 






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