The ‘Leave types’ feature allows you to create multiple leave strategies in your company, to keep different preferences and applications of that leave type on selected Location/Positions or employees.

To see the default leave types, click the 'Drop Down Menu' at the left top of the screen and click ‘Leave types’. 

You can edit each 'leave type' by hovering the mouse over the listed 'leave types' and clicking the ‘Pencil icon’ to edit and the ‘Trash icon’ to delete the leave type.


You can also create new leave types from the ‘Leave’ section by clicking ‘Create leave type’ from the top right side of the screen.


You can set the following while creating a new 'Leave Type':

  • leave type name.
  • Leave type duration: To be calculated in (Days/hours).
  • Description.
  • Maximum Leave: The maximum number of leaves a member can book in a year. 
  • Maximum employees allowed off at the same time
  • Book in advance: Define the number of days in advance members should book their leave.
  • Applies to (optional): Define if this leave type applies to the entire Workplace or specific Locations & Positions. 
  • Paid Leave?: If leave is paid check for yes.
  • Request beyond the maximum? Ability to request for more than maximum leave allowed.
  • Exclude holidays: Include or exclude leave falling on company holiday towards maximum leave.
  • Must approve: Check if you want such leaves requests to be approved by management.
  • Rollover Rules.
  • Leave amount rules: (Accrual/Fixed)
  • Limits: Set the limit of maximum number of employees who can be booked off per day.
  • Limit number of employees on this leave type per location or position: Select 'Yes' if you want some of your Locations/Positions to have different number of 'Allowed' employees to book vacation each day. OR select 'NO' if you want the to set the LIMIT for all the Locations/Positions instead.
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