separates the 'Calendar' tab from the Schedule and allows staff to keep track of their own individual schedules and your company schedule in read only mode, along with the ability to see the availability, leaves and time-sheets.

By default it will open the Calendar Overview to show the Staff Shifts, Events and Availability in Month mode. You can change the view to Day or Week.

Calendar Visualization & Filters

Calendar views can be changed to Day, Week and Month view from top of the schedule. You can use the navigation arrow to navigate to the past or future timeline. 

You can filter the calendar view by clicking 'Data source', which will allow you to filter the data by the following:

  • - Availability.
  • - Leave.
  • - Time Clock.
  • - Shift.

Note: The time clock entry appearing with the 'Black' icon, beacons that the employee clicked the 'Clock-in' button to record his time.

On the contrary, any other color appearing for the time clock icon means that, the time clock was manually entered for that employee, and the color is given after the color of the employee's assigned position.


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