You can quickly copy the schedule for a day or week, removing the need to manually set schedules far in advance.

Go to the 'Schedule tab' and select the 'Day Mode' if you want to copy a single day schedule or select the 'Week Mode' if you wish to copy a week schedule. Navigate to the day or week where you want the shifts to be copied and click the down arrow icon next to publish button and click 'Copy Shifts'. 

Select the timeline from where you would like to copy shifts.



There are two options:

  • Copy Shifts Only (just the shift structure e.g., position, start date/time, end date/time and shift name). The option 'Copy Shifts only' can be used as a schedule template which can be filled in later with staff assignments or other changes as required.
  • Copy shifts and employee assignments will copy everything including the assigned staff.

After carefully choosing the timeline and the preferred option, click the option 'Copy Shifts' from the bottom right of the copy window and shifts will be copied instantly.

Move/Copy shift using Drag and Drop:

Press and hold the left mouse button and drag the shift to the new column, the next day column will split into the following:

Move: Dropping the shift into the "Move" area will simply move the shift to the new day and the shift will be removed from the previous day from where you dragged the shift.

Copy: Dropping the shift into the "Copy" area will copy the shift to the new day keeping the original shift intact.


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