On the tab Schedule use Position mode to view the position coverage for the company schedule or toggle to the employee mode to view the schedule in Day or Week timeline and quickly glance over to see when, where and which employees are scheduled. 

Employee View: The 'Employee' view can be seen in the 'Week' or 'Day' mode. This view lists staff to the left with their corresponding shifts on the calendar. The 'Staff' list can be filtered down further to only view specific employee's schedules. Filtering employee's lists are easy by simply typing the employee name in the filter bar on top of that list.

Employee Week Mode:

Employee Day Mode:
Position View: 

This view lists 'Positions' to the left with their corresponding shifts on the calendar and will display which staff members have been assigned to that 'Position'. You can toggle between Day and Week modes with the option to narrow down your position list to specific ones by simply typing the name in the filter on top of the position list.

Position Week Mode:

Position Day Mode:

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