Managers may prefer certain member's timesheets to be auto approved. The Auto-Approval feature will allow you to set rules for a timesheet to be approved if predefined conditions are met. To do so click the 'Drop down menu' next to Time Clock on top left and choose 'Auto-Approve'.

Select the option 'Create New Rule' from the top right of the Auto-Approve page which will open the small window to create a new rule.

Name the rule and set all or any of the conditions below:

  1. Employee: Select employees on whom this rule should apply.

  2. Locations & Positions: Select specific Locations & Positions on which timesheets this rule should apply to.

  3. Time Clock Location: Select specific timeclock location on which time sheets this rule should apply to.

  4. Attendance: Further narrow down the rule by setting timesheets time range eligible for auto approval.

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