Managers who want to track if their staff is clocking in/out from work locations can do so here. First, setup authorized 'Locations' that can be used for restricting clocking in/out to specific locations. To do so go to the 'Settings' tab -> Time clock check the radio button to 'Yes' for the option which says 'Lock Time Clocking to Specified Locations'.

To create the authorized time clock location, click 'Time clock' then select 'Locations' from the 'Three dot' menu.

Click 'Add Location'.

Add the 'Location Name', 'Description' and click 'Save'.

'Locations' will be setup using a Static IP address, so any computer connected to the same 'Universal/static' IP will become an authorized location to be able to clock in/out from.

If the IP is not static, it can change each time and the set location will no longer be an authorized location.


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