Employees often request changes in their schedule and now you can use the Humanity interface to let your staff trade shifts, simplifying shift trading and saving management time in the process.

To enable/configure the Shift Trade feature go to the Settings tab - > and click Schedule. screenshot 1445

  • Allow Trades: Check this option to enable the Shift Trade feature.
  • Allow Drop: Check this option to enable shift drop.
  • Allow trade to create conflicts: Let the application to smartly allow trades among staff members. If this option is checked, the application will check for the possible conflicts before it allows a shift trade. 
  • Approve exchange: This option will put managers in control to approve potential acceptor's requests to take a shift available for trade.
  • Approve request: This option will put managers in control to approve employee's requests to initiate a trade.

Trade (Receive a Shift in return):

To make a shift Trade request, go to the "Calendar" tab and select the shift you would like to trade with another employee, and then choose "Trade Shift".

From the trade window, add a reason for the trade and choose the shift you want to receive in return from the populated list of available shifts. Click 'Save' from the right bottom of the window to initiate the trade.

Drop Shift: This option allows you to release yourself from a shift by requesting other available qualified members to take your shift. Go to the "Schedule" tab, select the shift you would like to drop and choose "Drop Shift".

Add a reason for the 'shift drop' and choose the employee from the populated list of available employees that can take your shift. Click on the option 'Save' at the bottom to initiate the Drop request.


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