Each Workplace within Humanity represents an individual business and needs to be setup properly to successfully function. A business may have a single or multiple locations.

Humanity.com allows you to smartly manage the locations and positions of a Workplace. In Humanity, individual work schedules are labeled by ‘Positions’ that are grouped by ‘Locations’. However, depending on the nature of your business, positions may be:

  • Schedules such as Night and Day,
  • Positions' such as Cook and Cashier, 
  • Jobs such as Cafe 1 and Cafe 2, 
  • Events such as a Board Meeting,
  • Holidays such as Christmas,
  • Addresses such as Cafe 1st Street and Cafe Latte Ln (if you have only one job type in your business for example)
  • or they can be anything else you need them to be.

After you join a 'Workplace' you will be taken to the tab called “Workplace”.

The Workplace icon:

Under the workplace tab there are Two ways you can Add/Edit Location.

1. Add/Edit Location 'Inline':

2. Click 'Locations and Positions icon'.

1. Add/Edit Location inline:

Click the 'Pencil icon' which will be appearing for the locations, at the left side of the page; when you hover the mouse over the Location names. Similarly you can Add Location by clicking the "Add Location Link" appearing at the left bottom of the page.

2. Add/Edit locations from the 'Locations & Positions' button.

Click on the 'Locations and Positions' button next to 'Workplace Overview' button on the top left side of the page.

Clicking the 'Locations & Positions' button will open a new window; where you will see the option to 'Add Location' at the top right side of the page. Clicking which will allow you to add the location name, description and address.

By default the application will ask you to share the location and will populate the address automatically. 

On this same page you can also add positions, as well as color code the 'Positions' you are adding by picking a desired color from the palette.  

screenshot 1158

Position ID: Position ID is mostly used to match positions, pay codes in different third party applications. Leave it Blank if not required by your payroll provider.

Once you are on the Locations & Positions page, you can hover your mouse cursor over the name of the location and that will allow you to edit the location details by clicking on the pencil icon or delete the location by clicking the bin icon. Please note that deleting a location will also delete all the positions associated with that location. 


Positions can be deleted / edited from the 'Edit Location' icon from the Location and positions section.screenshot 1159screenshot 1159

Do you have multiple locations and positions to add? Read our detailed tutorial on Importing locations & Positions: 

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