You can quickly assign shifts by simply clicking the cell that corresponds to the day and employee you want to assign. Clicking a cell will open a window where you can add ‘Time’, ‘Position’, ‘Break/paid or Unpaid’ and add more employee to that shift.

If you would like to add additional information to the shift, e.g. Shift Titles, Notes, please click ‘Advanced Options’.

This will open the advanced options edit mode:

Set the date, time, title, notes, position and assign the staff members from this window.

Edit/Delete a shift if you are in Position view:

Click on the shift you want to edit or delete and it will open up the shift editor in advanced mode editor. Here you can edit the details and click the “Update Shift” option at the bottom of that inline editor or click the bin icon on the top right in order to delete a shift. 

Edit/Delete a shift if you are in Employee view:

Click the shift you want to edit and click 'Advanced options' to open the advanced shift editor. However if you want to change the shift timings or the break length, you can edit them within the basic shift editor which opens up when you click the shift.

Move/Copy shift using Drag and drop:

Press and hold the left mouse button and drag the shift to the new column, the next day column will split into the following:

Move: Dropping the shift into the "Move" area will simply move the shift to the new day and the shift will be removed from the previous day from where you dragged the shift.

Copy: Dropping the shift into the "Copy" area will copy the shift to the new day keeping the original shift intact.

Assigning OPEN shifts to the employees using the Drag and Drop feature:

You can assign the "Open shift" to your employees by dragging the shift into the Employee's column.





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