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  • Searching Schedule is now improved with new Search functionality where you can search your Schedule by Employee, Position and Shift just by pressing ‘Enter’ on your keyboard.
  • Search is now available for all ShiftPlanning views and all time ranges


Searching by Employee

  • If you are searching by Employee you will be able to see all employee shift in that week (and day or month) with highlighted search results.


  • If you have few employees assigned on the same shift, searching by one of the employees will show all of his shift (including sheared ones)
  • The shifts that are shared will be highlighted on ShiftPlanning, while other shifts for that Employee will be present also but with opacity added.



Searching by Position:

  • All employees and their shifts assigned to that position will be shown on ShiftPlanning


  • If you have position with similar names all similar positions will be shown on ShiftPlanning



Searching by Shift:

  • You can search by all Shift parameters eg. shift times or shift titles

Here are displayed all shifts that starts at 12:00:


  • If there are no records for your search you will now see message ‘No search results, please try something else.’


You can dismiss your search by clicking on ‘X’ sign in Search field or by pressing Backspace on your keyboard.


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