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You will be able to see total hours on your Schedule if you enable setting "Show costing data in the scheduler *Advanced" and choose one of the options: 

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Schedule Total Hours are displayed on Week, 2 Week and 4 Week view and on Employee, Position and Visual views under the employee or position name.

Permission levels:

  • Managers and supervisors can see total hours for all employees.
  • Schedulers can see total hours for all positions they are scheduling
  • Employees can only see their total hours but not the total hours of other employees

Calculation differences:

Difference in calculation of Total Hours depends on setting "Display overnight shifts in Scheduler (Save & Refresh for change to take effect) *Advanced"


  • If that setting is disabled, total hours will calculate all shifts that are seen on Schedule in that moment. If there are some overnight shifts from previous week those shifts hours won't be calculated in Schedule Totals.
  • If there are some overnight shifts that goes into next week they will be calculated in Total Hours

Regular shifts:


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Overnight shifts:


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  • If that setting is enabled, total hours will calculate only shit hours from week start to week end. All overnight hours won't be calculated in this week.


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Example of Schedule (employee/week view) with calculated hours for shifts:


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