If you are facing issues with Time Clock Terminal (Invalid Terminal URL.) first click on Refresh Url button and paste URL in new browser tab (same browser).


If you are still facing the same problem please follow next steps:

1. Go to your browser and delete cache and cookies of that browser

2. Restart browser

3. Delete all terminals that you already have set (to ones setup to computer)

4. Go to Time Clock Location and click on 'Setup New Time Clock Location'


5. Choose 'this computer' radio button and click on "Add Location" 


6. If there are any previously created Time Clock Terminals related to that computer and that Terminal Location please delete them

7. Click on "Setup New Time Clock Terminal" 


8. Enter name of new Terminal and for Location choose previous created one and click on "Create Terminal"


9. Navigate to URL section and copy URL


10. Open new browser tab (same browser where you created terminal) and paste that URL

11.  You will be sent to Terminal login page where you can login



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