As announced, have been migrated to our new domain.


As a SAML user, regardless of provider, you are be required to:

  1. Update all your URLs on the SAML provider side 
  2. Generate new SAML issuer URL and remote logout URL
  3. Generate new X.509 certificate on the SAML provider page
  4. Enter it into the Humanity application 

As an example, check out the setup process for Okta, Azure and OneLogin SAML providers.

Making these changes as soon as possible will ensure that your team will be able to seamlessly sign into your Humanity app now that the migration has been completed.


If you are using Single Sign-On

After the migration, your SSO login will not be working anymore until your IT team updates the parameters appropriately.

To make sure that your employees can access the app, our team will temporarily enable the “Password login” option. Your employees will have to set up a password using their email as username. 

After you adjust your SSO parameters, you will have to disable the  “Password login” option that our team by going to Settings > Single Sign-On > uncheck "Allow password login".


For more information read our FAQ or contact our team at

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