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Work Units

Work Units are sub-tasks on a shift that are paid in addition to an hourly wage rate.

Say you have a cleaning business and want to pay your employees a flat rate per house they will clean. Or a Sales rep getting commission per sale, a delivery person who is also compensated for the mileage covered, a contractor who is paid per completed task etc. Tasks can also be used where you want to pay per shift/day worked against hourly wages. 

Enable the 'Work Units' feature from the tab Settings > ShiftPlanning > Enable Work Units Module.

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Start adding Work Units from the tab Settings > Work Units.

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Name the work unit, setup per unit rate and select the position(s) for which you are creating a work unit. Existing work units can be edited by clicking on the work unit name.

Now go to the tab ShiftPlanning and create a shift or click on existing desired shift where you want to assign work units. From the shift edit window, you will see a puzzle icon at the top right of the window and then set the number of required Work Units from each of the employees

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Employees can submit the work units from their Dashboard by clicking the widget Submit Work Unit.

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Or can go to the tab ShiftPlanning, click the shift and then puzzle icon to submit the Work Units worked.

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Managers can click Widget Work Units Approval to approve the submitted work units.

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You can pull the stats on Work Units in three formats from the Tab Reports:

  • Work Units

  • Work Units Daily Report

  • Work Units and Confirmed Time Sheets

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