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Staff Anniversary & Report

Humanity always cares about motivating the employees. To show a gesture of how special they are, Humanity sends every employee a work anniversary card to every employee once they complete a year with the company. 

When you add an employee to your account, Humanity automatically adds his "Start Date" in his profile which can be modified. Once an employee completes a year, Humanity sends him a work anniversary card. 

You can always modify the Start Date of the employee by going to Staff -> Employee -> Edit Details

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Annual Anniversary report compiles the (Work Anniversary) data of your staff members into one report.
You can filter the report by the following:
  • Date
  • Locations
  • Positions
  • Employee Names
The report can be accessed from Reports section ->Anniversary.

You can also see the upcoming work anniversaries of your employees from the Dashboard Widget as shown in the screenshot below:

Note: For a detailed anniversary report please navigate to Reports->Anniversary.

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