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Shift Trade OLD

Setting Up the Shift Trade Process:

Managers can allow their staff to trade shifts by enabling the option “Employees can trade shifts” under the Settings > ShiftPlanning > Advanced Settings > Shift Pickup, Trades and Approvals tab. There are few more settings managers may want to consider when allowing Shift Trades. For instance, management can allow same day trades or disable shift trades between employees who don’t work in the same position.

Managers can also customize the approval process to make sure that they have an overview of every trade request in order to assess each request properly before approving or rejecting it.

Once you’ve finished setting up your preferences, let’s have a look at how employees can initiate trades.
1. How Employees Request Shift Trades:
Let’s suppose that the manager has set up the process so that he or she will have to approve all shift trade or release requests before the requests are forwarded to other employees or potential covers and also to approve or reject all employee request for picking up a new shift. 

To request a shift trade, the employee must go to Shiftplanning> My Schedule and click on the shift that he or she would like to trade. The shift’s details can then be seen in the sidebar. Click the “Can’t Work” button and select “Trade Shift.”

Employees must always provide a reason for each trade request so that both management and the potential covers understand why the request has been made.

The employee will then click “Continue” after entering a reason for his or her request. 

The next step is to select an employee or employees with whom he or she would like to trade shifts. Use the date picker or employee search bar if you have a particular day or employee in mind with whom you would like to trade.

More than one potential cover can be selected. This increase the chances of getting your trade approved by giving management a number of options when evaluating your trade request. After selecting potential covers, click “Continue” to submit the request.

Managers will be notified of the trade request. If it is approved, the selected potential covers will be notified of the available trade, both via email and on their Dashboards. 

Important Note for Managers: Employees will be able to choose staff members who are unavailable from the staff list as well when requesting a shift trade. This gives both employees and managers more options when trying to find the perfect trade candidate.
2. Manager Approval Process
Managers will get an email and a Dashboard notification that they have pending shift trade requests. They can then click the widget to see the requests. 

Managers can now click on each individual trade request to see the details of each. The Humanity conflict checker is also featured in the sidebar, letting managers know for which potential cover a conflict would be created if they were to approve a trade that involves them. If no conflict is present, there will be a green check mark next to that employee’s name.

Once the manager has approved the initial trade/release request, an email is sent to the employees selected as potential covers. The employees will also be notified of trade requests on their Humanity Dashboards, after which they can view the trade requests and decide whether they want to accept or reject them.
3. Trade Request Dashboard Notifications For Employees
Employees being asked to accept a shift trade request will see their requests under “Shifts Available to Trade.”

They can then click on an individual request to review it and decide if they want to accept or reject it.

The initiator of the shift trade can see his or her requests on the Dashboard under “My Requests.”

Clicking on each request opens up the “Shift Details” sidebar. If the trade request status is pending, the employee will have the option of removing the trade request if they no longer want the trade to occur.

4. Shift Trade Acceptance and Approval
After at least one of the potential covers accepts the shift trade request, the manager will receive an email and Dashboard notification once again. 

The manager can now decide to approve or reject the shift trade.

If the manager accepts the shift trade request, both employees involved in the trade will be notified and the team schedule will be altered to reflect these changes.

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