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Schedule Search

At the top left of the ShiftPlanning tab, Schedule Search is available to search the desired shifts quickly. Type the search parameter and press the 'Enter' button on the keyboard.

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Search parameters are:

Search by Employee:

Type the employee name (First Name, Last Name or full name) and the schedule will show all the shifts of the employee in that timeline: If the employee you are searching for has Shifts shared with other members, Shifts for all those members will be shown, with shared ones highlighted in bold.   

Search by Position:

All employees and their shifts assigned to that Position will be shown. If you have a Position with similar names, Shift for all the similar positions will be shown on ShiftPlanning.

Search by Shift Details:

ShiftPlanning can be searched by all Shift parameters e.g. shift times, Shift titles, notes, etc. You can dismiss your search by clicking on ‘X’ sign in Search field or by pressing Backspace on your keyboard.

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