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Schedule View Filters

From the left side, under the mini-calendar, you can apply filters to view the shifts for specific Locations, Positions, Employees or by Shift Type. This filter bar can easily be hidden or brought back by clicking the option 'Show/Hide Filters' from the top left, next to search box. 

Sidebar Filters

The left filter bar has a mini-calendar for quick navigation to any week or a specific day. Under the Mini-Calendar, you can apply filters:

  • My Schedule to display your shifts only

  • Vacation Schedule to show staff leaves on the calendar

  • Staff Availability to show staff availability on the Calendar

  • Schedule Overview to show the entire company schedule

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Under Schedule Overview, the Locations and Positions are listed which will help you filter down the schedule by an individual or multiple locations and positions.

Advanced Filters

Click the Advanced filters from the sidebar, and it will show more advanced filter options allowing you to further filter the view by 'Shift Type,' 'Remote Sites,' 'Skills,' or 'Employees.'

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Search Filter

At the top left of the ShiftPlanning tab, there is a search box. Type and quickly search for shifts by employee name, location/position name, and shift times or title.

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