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Schedule Conflicts

Scheduling conflicts can occur when the scheduled shifts fall in conflict with any configured scheduling rule.

The conflicts appear when: 

  • The employee is scheduled on overlapping shifts.

  • The employee is on vacation for the day he is scheduled on.

  • The employee is set to be unavailable for the time he is scheduled on.

  • The employee's daily working hour limit is breached.

  • The employee's weekly working hours limit is crossed.

  • The employees monthly working hours limit is crossed.

  • hours,  .less - The employee is scheduled for lesser hours than the minimum working hours rule set in the app

  • The employees limit for maximum working days in a row is being breached.

  • The employee is scheduled for over 24 hours in a day.

  • The time interval between the two shifts of the employee is less than what is set under the option "Employees cannot be scheduled on shifts within X time of each other *Advanced" (You can access this option from Settings->ShiftPlanning->Advanced settings).

The conflict notice appears automatically at the top mid of the Humanity's calendar when conflicts arise.

Shifts that has a conflict is highlighted in Pink color so you can view at a glance what shift has a conflict.

Or Click the Conflicts Notice from the top and a side panel will slide out showing all the conflicts with necessary details.

Besides, Unavailability, Leave, overlapping shifts' conflicts - here are some of the Settings when violated, creates a conflict in the schedule:
Profile Settings, as these always over-ride the Global Settings under the Settings tab

Payroll Settings under the Settings tab:

  • Maximum Daily Working Hours       

  • Maximum Weekly Hours (overtime)       

  • Maximum Monthly Hours (overtime)

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