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Recurring Shifts

The ability to set recurring shifts greatly speeds up the scheduling process, as you can schedule shifts once and have them repeat up to years in the future.

To get started, create a new shift or click on already created shifts of yours which will open up the Shift Edit Window. Now click on the Repeat Options.

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You will see the following options on the left side of the shift edit window:

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Set the repeat cycle here. Whether you want to repeat Mon-Fri or want to set a custom cycle, we have all the possible options:

  • Every 'n' day/week:

  • 'n' On 'n' Off e.g. consecutive shifts followed by 2 off days. O is for Off and for Shift. 

  • Custom Cycle: More flexible way to define shift cycle e.g. schedule an employee for 02 On days, 01 off days and then 3 On day followed by 2 Off. The custom cycle you should add will be "SSOSSSOO."

Until Date: Set here till when you want the shift to repeat.

Shift Times Only: A series of empty shifts will be created so you can assign it to staff later.

With Employees: The shift will be set to recur in the future with the current shift's staff assignment.


Editing Repeating Shifts

After creating a repeating shift, if you want to change any of the shift details, simply click the shift of your choice to open the Edit Window. Make the needed changes and then look for the option Repeat X time. Click that and this time you will.

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Deleting Recurring Shifts

Click the shift you want to delete which will open up the edit window. At the bottom left, there is an option Delete This Shift. Once you click that, it gives you options:
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Please feel free to let us know of any feedback by emailing Happy Scheduling!