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Publish Schedules

The idea of publishing schedules is that some managers want the ability to make changes to the schedule without their staff seeing these changes right away. Once the manager is ready he can then Publish and the changes go live to everyone.

To see and change your Publishing Settings, go to the tab Settings > ShiftPlanning > enable the option Use the Draft/Publish schedule method. When unchecked, shifts are visible to your staff soon after you create a shift.


To publish the shifts, click the Publish button from the top right side of the ShiftPlanning page.

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A publish window will slide out showing you the summary of the number of shifts you are publishing, unresolved conflicts in the schedule and option for notification preferences.


Publish and Republish

Once you publish a schedule, any posterior changes made to those same shifts will show to staff immediately without republishing it. The Republish feature is only to notify staff via email of the changes.


Publish/Unpublish Tag

When you hover over the shifts, a tag will appear showing you if a shift is or not or if there is a conflict.

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