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Paid Holidays

As we do not currently have a feature for Paid Holidays/Public Holidays, but we have come up with a workaround; which can certainly serve the purpose.
1. Please create 'Positions' named 'Holidays', 'Christmas' or anything else you require.

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2. Assign them to all employees from within tab 'Staff', click the drop down menu located attop right corner, select 'Employee Assignment'. You will find "Assign by Position" button, please click that to quickly assign employees to a specific Position:

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3. Assign the hourly rate to HOLIDAY position in the employee's 'Profile > Payroll'.

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4. Move to 'ShiftPlanning' tab and createshift for HOLIDAY/CHRISTMAS position.

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You can also add clock time for the same position or have employees clocked in and clocked out on Christmas/Holiday position.
5. Click here to see how the Payroll Reports will calculate and appear.
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