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Humanity 2.0 Google Apps SSO setup

Getting Started

Visit Google Admin Panel > Apps > SAML Apps. (You need to have Admin Privileges)

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Log In into Humanity, and visit Admin >> Integration >> Single Sign On

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Step 1/5 - Enable SSO for SAML Application

Click  Add New Application icon at the bottom left part of the screen

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Step 2/5 - Google ldP Information

Select Set My Own Custom App, and you'll see Google ldP Information screen.

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Now, open Humanity SSO Panel, and fill out following fields:
  • SAML Issuer URL - Copy value of SSO URL field from Google ldP Screen
  • X.509 Certificate - Download Certificate from Google, open it in any text editor and copy its content (content is a certificate)
  • Remote Logout URL - Google does not provide Remote Logout URL, and this value can not be left empty on Humanity SSO setup. Recommended value:

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Step 3/5 - Basic Information for your Custom App

After you have filled all values on Humanity side, click next on Google side, and set Basic information for your Custom App. Users can set any values here. Click Next after you have finished filling out this form.

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Step 4/5 - Service Provider Details

  • ACS URL* -  Copy The Access Consumer Service (ACS) URL from Humanity SSO screen
  • Entity ID * - Copy The Access Consumer Service (ACS) URL from Humanity SSO screen (yes, repeat the field)
  • Start URL - Copy The SAML Login URL from Humanity SSO screen
  • Signed Response - Leave unchecked
  • Name ID -  Basic Information - Primary Email
  • Name ID Format - X509_Subject
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Step 5/5 - Attribute Mapping

No action required on this step. Click Finish.

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Publish Humanity SSO App

Enable Humanity SSO App for everyone or for some organizations (it may take up to 24 hours for Google to propagate app to all users):

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Congrats, you have successfully enabled SSO through the Google Apps for all users, now enjoy all the extra time you save on Scheduling and tracking Time Attendance of your employees.