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Hot Keys

Hot-keys are keyboard shortcuts that allow application you to increase work speed. Humanity app has hot-keys in its online employee scheduler to help you save time in navigating the Scheduler and switching between the various date ranges and views.

Please see the list below for an overview of Humanity app hot-keys.


Press 'Y' button in the ShiftPlanning section to see the yearly calendar to chose a date from.


To quickly change the date Ranges of the ShiftPlanning page use the following hotkeys:

  •  Ctrl+Up: go to previous date range

  •  Ctrl+Left: go to previous date range

  •  Ctrl+Right: go to next date range

  •  Ctrl+Down: go to next date range

Easily Change Shiftplanning view modes use the following keys: 

  • T: view today

  • W: view week

  • M: view month/4Weeks

  • D: view day

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