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GPS Distance from Time Clock Location

Our new enhancement to the Time Clock module will now allow managers to track the distance between the captured and desired time clock locations of their employees. This feature is enabled for all accounts. The default setting calculates GPS location data according to a 100-meter radius for both physical and remote locations.

Upon recording a time clock action, our engine will calculate the distance between the desired and actual locations.  If a user has chosen to clock into a remote location, the engine will use that location as the desired locations.

If a user performs a time clock action without choosing a particular location, we will first check if there is a remote location assigned to that shift. If not, we will check the location of the position for which that shift was assigned.

If the users perform a clock action without actually having an assigned shift, we will look at the position connected with that clock action and assume that the location assigned to the position is the desired one.

If physical locations and remote locations have correct addresses, the locations will appear in the timesheets in the Manage Timesheets section.

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The location icon can appear in three different colours (green, red and grey) with different descriptions.

Green: Shows that the recorded location is within a 100-meter radius of the desired location.

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Managers will see the distance when hovering over the GPS icon and can click on it to head over to a new screen where the distance is shown with a pin in Google Maps.

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Red: Shows that the recorded location is outside a 100-meter radius of the desired location.

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Grey: Shows that the address inputted for either the physical or remote location has not been entered correctly.

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How to Update Location Address:

If you are seeing grey GPS icons in your timesheets, that means that your physical and remote locations will need to be set up and given physical, geographic address updates to enable the clock-in GPS coordinate distances to be calculated against the assigned locations.

Physical Locations: To view/update the address of a physical location, go to Staff -> Locations & Positions. On the Locations page, hover over the address listed under "Additional” and click on the location to edit it. You can then enter the complete address for this location. 

Important Note: Primary locations are not supported by this feature but if you want it to work, add your primary location into additional location.

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Remote Locations: To update remote location addresses, click on the “Remote Sites” option in the left panel under the Staff -> Location & Position tab.

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Once you are on the Remote Sites page, hover over the address under any remote location name and click to edit. Enter the correct address and click “OK.”

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