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Edit Recurring Shifts

A repeating shift series can be updated any later needed changes e.g. change in shift times, notes, title or employee assignment etc. Click the shift of your choice to open the Edit Window.

Make the needed changes and then look for the option Repeat X time. Click that and this time, you will see the option:


Under the Update field, select whether you want to update:

  • All future shifts in this series

  • All Shifts in this series

  • This Shift back to the original

Under With option, select:

  • Position if shift position has changed

  • Start/End time If shift start and end time has changed

  • Title, Notes & Site If the shift's title, notes or remote site has changed

  • Scheduled Employees if the staff assignment on shift has changed

  • Type & Staff Needed (Open) if the shift is set to open or no of open slots has changed

  • Tasks (without titles) If Task has been added or updated

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